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LATEST ADDITION - 2019 services archived and 2020 page added

Martys Free Church, located on on the corner of Sinclair Terrace & Malcolm Street was the last residence of the congregation.  Such history as I have been able to disentangle can be viewed here

That building was sold in 2015 and the congregation started to meet in the Episcopal Church Hall.  Fitting in with our hosts and their use of the hall has necessitated an earlier service at 10am.  So if you were wondering why we have such an early service that is the reason.

We are part of the 'Northern Presbytery' an administrative grouping of thirteen churches in the Highlands.

Currently we have a vacancy for a minister.  So services are routinely  taken by Rev. Howard Stone, the minister of Castletown Free Church.  He is our 'interim moderator' during the vacancy.

So we share a minister with Castletown and share a building with the Episcopal Church.  We are good at sharing!

Rev. Howard Stone